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5 Simple Tips to Organize Your Twins Closet

It’s a Saturday morning, and for a moment, I am wishing my mom was a helicopter mother just to organize my twins’ closet for me, lol.

While everybody else last night was going hurray! It’s the weekend. My husband, Nebert, babysat all night long. His eyes are still wide open as he tries to skim through a blog explaining how to survive sleep regression

I opened our twins’ closet and my head was ready to explode! The closet is a mess. Again, maybe it’s time I figured out a way to keep my twins’ closet organized. I have no choice but to keep my heavy-agitated breathing low for the sake of keeping them asleep.

Does it ever feel like you can’t put a reign on organizing your twin’s clothing? Are you frustrated by the missing socks and the riled up moments caused by a disorganized closet? Just like me, I see many new twin moms on the internet going through similar phases. 

It took some time, but I finally figured out how to organize and store my twins’ clothes. Today’s article is your way out of a messy closet, wasted time, and pent-up stress.

How do you organize and store twins’ clothes?

Organizing twins’ clothing is a tiring experience for most parents. First, the clothes, especially for infants and babies, are too tiny to stay in place. Second, it’s easy for them to get lost in the sea of stuff in the nursery

To help you avoid lost outfits and mix-ups, here are five twin clothing organization tips.

1) One hanger for each set of look-alike outfits

Pairing outfits that you like your twins to dress in is crucial for saving time. Instead of browsing through the closet or searching through drawers, put the identical outfits on the same hanger. It will save you a considerable amount of time and make dressing your two babies less of a hustle.

2) Different color hangers for their separate cloths

Some outfits are for sharing, while others are for an individual twin. Things like personal gifts and different sizes are to be kept separate. To avoid the mix-up, try using a different color for the hangers you use for each twin’s clothes. 

3) Have an outgrown bin/box

It’s hard to stay up to pace with your baby’s development. One minute, their shirts are fitting, while the next, they can’t fit their heads in. It’s still a phenomenon most parents are trying to come to terms with. 

Sort through their clothes every couple of months, dropping what doesn’t fit into the outgrown box. Place the bin where it’s easy to drop the clothes the moment your twins outgrow an outfit.

4) Use clear storage bins for the next size 

Instead of putting the next sizes in the attic or basement where it’s hard to get them, use clear storage bins. Mark the bins with their sizes and the type of clothes stored in them. It’s crucial that you sort through the bins every couple of months or when the seasons change. 

Sorting through ensures that you don’t buy clothes and items that you already own, saving you money. One storage bin can hold clothes for three to six months, six to nine months, and so on.

5) There’s more space on walls and behind the nursery doors

Are your twin clothes not fitting in the closets and drawers? What about utilizing the space on the walls and behind the nursery doors? As long as it’s safe and not easy for your twins to reach, there is a lot of room to use.

Use extra hooks, nursery organizers, and hang in the wall baskets to store itty bitty items like socks, bibs, hair ties, and more while paired up. 

Don’t be afraid of letting go 

For your twins’ clothing, less is more. Donating the outfit your twins outgrew six months ago is not dumping the memories of them as babies. It doesn’t mean you are a bad mother or inconsiderate of your baby’s milestones. 

Giving away hand-me-downs from friends and relatives is not being rude or ungrateful. It means you are creating a more organized nursery and, in turn, a happier home and a less frustrated mom.

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