Creating a Twin Nursery doesn’t have to be hard. Follow this simple steps.


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Creating a twin nursery can feel daunting and scary for any parent. There’s so much to go in there and so little space to fit in everything. Then you have the design in mind and the design which seems practical for the nursery. As a mom expecting twins, this can be frustrating and a high-stress level activity. To help you through this phase, we have compiled the haves, the necessaries and the don’ts in creating a nursery for twins. We will go through each essential item discussing the guidelines when buying and the placement.

Sleeping Space.

You will need a crib(s), crib sheets and crib mattressesRed Nose Australia states that the safest way for babies to sleep at home is to place them in their cribs. This will reduce the risk of Sudden infant death (SIDS) which is relatively higher in multiples compared to singletons according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you are exceptionally tight on space, you can go for one large enough crib but use a crib divider to let each baby have their individual sleep space. Without a crib divider, place the babies’ head to head to avoid SIDS which is more likely to occur when infants are sleeping side to side.

With two cribs, it is advisable to place them along separate walls and where this is impossible, consider a 3 feet distance between the two cribs. As twins get older, so does their playfulness. This is why the little space between the cribs can be dangerous for a baby.

The cribs should,

  • Have slates that are 60mm apart.
  • No slat should be missing or broken. Babies can be wedged easily between broken slates which can turn into a strangling hazard for a baby.

When shopping for cribs, go for 3 in 1 crib that will convert from cribs to a toddler bed and finally into full-sized beds for later use. It will save you money and shopping time. The cribs of choice should be certified by CPSC or the Green Guard. The paint used should be free from harmful substances like lead and Formaldehyde.

A double crib is an alternative where space is limited.

The crib mattress should be tight-fitting and firm. Stuffed animals should not be placed in an infant’s cribs. When put to sleep, Do not cover the baby’s head and face. The blanket should go up to the chest.

Changing Table.

It’s a piece of crucial baby furniture for any parent who is expecting twins. The key thing when shopping for baby furniture is to go for safety, functionality, and items that have a multipurpose design. A good changing table can double up as storage space if it has pull and push drawers. Some changing tables are foldable allowing flexibility for the parents. Here are some top brands that twin parents love. Drew Extra wide and Topper Set and Graco Park n Play. You won’t be changing diapers forever, buy one which can be repurposed in the future.

Changing Pad

twin nursery

You’ll want to go for one that has safety features for babies that move a lot during a diaper change. One with straps or a belt will keep the baby in place and make the changing process easier. Changing pads should be comfy, easy to clean and affordable.

For babies who are allergic to synthetic materials, a natural cotton pad will prevent triggering sensitive skin. A liquid impermeable pad will last longer saving you the need to buy changing pad covers more often than necessary.

Rocking Chair.

Studies show that babies are likely to fall asleep sooner when they are exposed to lulling movements. When Tandem Nursing, a rocking chair with armrests will come in handy. The armrest will bolster your arms and help you achieve a comfortable breastfeeding position.

 Choose one where you and the twins will fit snuggly for those breastfeeding and cuddling moments. Purchasing an Ottoman is a wise decision. When nursing, you may want to keep your legs up to gain some balance and a reclined position. Ottomans with storage space can be used to store extra baby items like toys or a winter blanket during summertime.

 When you outgrow the nesting phase and your babies are no longer young, you can transfer the rocker into a living room or a master bedroom.

Storage hacks for a Twin Nursery.

It looks like a big space before the cribs, dressers and changing table. After all the baby furniture has been arranged, the large space decreases more than you anticipated. With twins comes more items. To maximize space you will have to get creative and utilize every space available. Just don’t forget to leave a small play space for your babies. Here are a few hacks to get you started.

1) Wall mount the shelves and cabinet units designed for the floor. Space can be utilized for something else like the babies’ toy chest.

2) Behind the door. This space is more often than not ignored yet it can be a great way of storing those extra items that twins will require throughout the day. Invest in a good twin hanging organizers and fit it behind the door. The pockets can be used to store small items such as baby liners, feeders, and bathing towels. These are all items that you need on the go. With twins, you are too busy to have time for folding feeders and tiny baby liners.

3) Install double chest rods- One rod for each baby. Hang baby clothes according to size and use for easier retrieval. This will leave more space in the drawers and avoid wrinkled and squished clothes.

4) Diaper boxes- this will be a handy prize for any twin’s mum. The jumbo diaper packs come with an equally large box. These boxes can be used to store toys, extra blankets and other baby essentials like oils and lotions.

5) Put the boxes under the cribs- to have a clean-cut and free space, put the boxes under the twin’s cribs. Most cribs are high enough to have something fit under.

6) Extra items should go outside the twin nursery- You probably have toys, shoes, and clothes which they will not use until they are older. This can be properly stored and placed in other rooms in the house where there is available space.

7) Open and named baskets- this can go on the wall-mounted shelves. Store extra jackets and blankets in the baskets. Naming them helps you know what is in which.

Decoration Tips

1) To give an illusion of space, decorate the walls or floor with horizontal stripes. This will give the twin nursery an illusion of greater width. Long window drapes will also do the trick.

2) Before buying the twin nursery furniture, choose the room colors to gain a coordinated and harmonized color effect.

3) Choose neutral colors- not only will they blend in with most of the furniture but also make accessorizing the room easier as opposed to other dominant colors.

4) Rugs and carpets- if you are going for a comfortable feel, a well-designed carpet with playful patterns will give the nursery a relaxed feel. A carpet is where most of the action will take place. From the first sit up to the first baby steps.

Be creative with your design and do not be afraid to add the sentimental things that matter to you. Add photographs, ornaments and handmade decorations.


After all is said and done, you want your babies to grow up in a safe environment. Don’t wait for them to reach the playful age before installing the necessary safety measures.

1) The crib should never be placed near the window. Babies can easily get caught in the drapes and window blind cords. Extreme heat and cold, when exposed to babies, can cause serious health issues.

2) Where possible, avoid decorations that hang over the crib. When babies are able to stand by themselves, they can reach out for the hanging decorations and cause unintended accidents.

3) A smoke and carbon monoxide detector is necessary- You want to take immediate action during fire accidents.

4) Secure doors and install cabinet locks- If there is anything that toddler twins love doing, it is exploration. You want to keep them out of rooms where accidents are prone to happen.

5) Electric cords should be furthest from the cribs and well insulated.

There’s no doubt that a lot needs to be done for a twin nursery project. To ensure that you have everything covered before the birth of your babies, follow these simple steps;

Start early– get room measurements earlier on and start discussing the design, furniture and budgeting decisions. This will leave room for alterations in the twin nursery design which you may consider necessary later on.

Be simple but creative– You don’t have to buy double of everything. Find furniture which could serve several purposes to save on space and cost.

Personality– It’s not always about the trendiest nursery design. Strive to add a touch of personality into the twins’ room. You want something that you’re babies will love as they will spend much of their early months there. Try using different colors for the crib bedding and baby clothes. This will give each baby a sense of personality.

Safety– There’s no bargaining when it comes to safety. The baby’s safety comes first.

The more the merrier– Try including family and friends. It will be an excellent bonding time and you are sure to laugh a lot. Including the twin’s older sibling is a great decision too. Older siblings will love to be part of creating something beautiful for their sister or brother.


There you have it. There is no perfect way of organizing a twin nursery but you can customize the nursery’s design according to your taste and indulge your creative senses. Purchase durable, effective and functional furniture. Give the room a bit of your babies’ individuality and make sure that you have their safety in mind.

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