Shopping for Twins: What You Need for your Multiples


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Shopping for Twins: What You Need for your Multiples

Carrying multiples takes a toll on the body. In most cases, by the time a mom is 30 weeks gone, they may need some form of rest. The likelihood of delivering earlier also increases with multiples. It is, therefore, important that you get ready for everything by the time you are 30 weeks. This means shopping for your twins and acquiring everything you need by then.

With everything set, you can focus on waiting for the babies as opposed to worrying about what could go wrong if they came earlier than anticipated. Have your hospital bag ready early enough too. Below, we get into the details of various factors to consider when shopping for twins as well as the essentials related to different activities.

Factors to Consider when Shopping for Twins

Quality and Comfort

Newborns are delicate. They are still developing and slacking on the quality of baby products may jeopardize their safety. Whether you are buying skin care products or more bulky items such as a car seats or a strollers, be sure to check on their quality. Opt for products that have been tested and approved by the relevant bodies. Also pay attention to expiry dates and recalls before buying. Ensure the items will be safe for use by the time babies come. Check reviews from moms online and on social media if you are still not sure.


Infants grow tremendously in the first months. If you are not keep on the size of wearables, they will soon overgrow them necessitating you to go back shopping sooner than is necessary. Try to vary the sizes of their clothes when buying to give some allowance. The attire should be comfortable and not too loose or tight. When buying strollers, car seats, and lockers, consider the weight limit.

Pay Attention to your Budget when Shopping for twins

Whatever you are buying, bear in mind that you will be incurring double the cost of a singleton. There will also be some recurring expenditure once the babies are born since basic supplies such as diapers run out quite fast. Opt for cost-friendly items without compromising on quality if your budget is restrictive. You can also hunt for coupons and check on offers. A buy-one get-one offer would bring amazing savings for items you need in twos.

Season of Birth

When you go shopping for your coming twins, only buy things that they will utilize right away. If it is summer time, buy light clothes. If it is winter, buy heavy ones. A baby wipes’ warmer may not be necessary in the summer but you may consider it during winter. If the weather will be friendly enough to allow you go out, you might need an in insulated cooler to store the milk. The same may not be necessary if it is snowing.

Shopping for Twins What You Need for your Multiples

What you Need for Twins

When shopping for twins as part of the preparation for their coming, there are those things that you will need. These are the must-haves for the daily safety and general well-being of your child. Without them, your newborns will experience some level of discomfort. Other than these, there also are some you may not need but which make life more bearable for you and the infant. They are there for convenience. Below we get into the details of the things you need for twins. We’ve discussed them based on specific activities.

Feeding Necessities

Whether you are using formula or feeding your babies on expressed breast milk, it is essential to have enough bottles that are fitted with newborn nipples. To keep these clean, a bottle brush and drying rack is also necessary. If you are using formula, be certain to have a few weeks’ worth of supply. Also, have six or more cotton bibs and burp clothes for each baby to keep them dry during and after the feeding. You will also need a quality breastfeeding pillow with back support. Opt for one meant for twins so you can boost tandem feeding

Other feeding items that are nice to have but not necessities include a bottle sterilizer, formula dispenser and bottle warmer.

Changing Station

Newborns require at least six changes every day. They often pee after every feeding and will soil the diapers up to four times a day in the first month. You will therefore need up to 10 diapers per child each day which translates to about 140 per week.

Have enough of these to start you off to avoid the inconvenience of running out too soon after going home. To keep things organized and give the changing station a decent look, consider having a diaper stacker to help you stock up. This is, however, optional. Also, have enough wipes and rash ointment.

The changing station can have one table covered with a waterproof pad. Get about three cotton covers for it too. With the many diapers, you will be going through, have a diaper pail close by. If you don’t get one, a covered trash can should suffice.

Bath Time

For bathing and grooming your twins, you will need washcloths, hooded towels, a newborn tub, bath wash, and shampoo. A grooming set consisting of a brush, comb and nail clippers is also essential. A faucet guard and bath thermometer would be nice to have too.


When it comes to clothes, you don’t have to buy pairs of the same set. You can dress the twins in different outfits. What you need for twins clothes are products made from the right materials, and which are appropriate for their age and size. If you are having a boy and a girl, get unisex clothes so you can easily dress them up. When shopping for twins’ clothes, be certain to include onesies, T-shirts, rompers, shirt and pant sets, pajamas, weather-appropriate hats, booties or socks, mittens and cardigan sweaters.

Traveling Gear

When going out, you will need appropriate gear for the twins. A double stroller and car seats that accommodate newborns are the first items. To keep the babies comfortable, a diaper bag equipped with changing essentials as well as a set of spare outfits for each twins are necessary.

Twin baby carriers are also essential. They help you wear your babies wherever you go while allowing you to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible using a stroller. Double baby carriers are great as they allow tandem carrying which distributes the weight evenly, whether you place them on the side or in the front and back.

Sleep Time

When it comes to bedtime, the American Academy of pediatrics recommends that newborns share the same room but not surface with parents. You should, therefore, install two cribs in the master bedroom. If you can get convertible ones, it will save you money once they outgrow them and need a bed. To keep the sleeping area comfortable you will also need other items. Some infant crib essentials include a firm mattress, fitted bottom sheets, a waterproof mattress protector and receiving blankets for swaddling them up.

Comfort is paramount for your infants’ sleep. However, it should not compromise their well-being. The newborns do not need pillows, blankets, comforters, toys, stuffed animals or any other thing they could get entangled in. Leave the cribs bare for their safety.

When shopping for twins, there is what they need as soon as they get home, some extras that go a long way but which you will still get by without, and then there are those things that can wait. Remember you will still need some cash at hand to stock up on baby supplies.

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