8 ideas on how to survive raising twin toddlers


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survive raising twin toddlers

Survive raising twin toddlers in Your Way

All moms are superheroes. Everyone is doing their best. You have two of the same age, so it isn’t easy to save the world every day. The good news is that you are saving the world in the eyes of those little people. Throw out all of the books you’ve read about perfect parenting. No one has the right answer.

Twins are going to make up their own games and get into their own trouble. It’s going to fun and exhausting at the same time. You’re going to need to make up the rules as you go along. You may have to yell at the kids when you feel like they’re being crazy. You may have to hug them the next minute.

All those parenting books about perfect toddler napping and eating schedules probably aren’t going to work. It’s hard to get two kids to eat and nap and play and be happy at the same time. You’ll know what works best for your kids. Don’t wear yourself out trying to follow some manual.

Don’t Welcome Silence

When you have twins, silence is a scary thing. If you think they’re being quiet playing or sleeping, you’re probably wrong. If it’s quiet, it’s time to go find out what the two kiddos are doing. They could simply be building a fort, watching their iPad or playing dolls. They could also be painting the walls, playing in their sink with water flowing onto the floor or having a great time with your bag of flour in the pantry. Silence can be scary when dealing with two smart little toddlers.

survive raising twin toddlers

Safety Tricks

Even though you have two eyes, it doesn’t mean you can keep all eyes on both kids at all times. They get loose and get crazy in the house. One may be careful while the other may be a daredevil. One may love opening all of the pantry doors and getting into cleaning products and/or glass bowls. One may love to climb on your washing machine.

Take time to put safety gadgets on these doors. Make sure to secure furniture that is easily tipped over. If something can tip, odds are a toddler will climb on it. Place gates in places they shouldn’t be in, or on stairs. Put outlet covers on all of your outlets so they don’t play a game of who can stick the best toy in the hole.

Sometimes They Have to Cry

Toddlers need something all of the time. They’re mad you chose the wrong shirt for them. They’re upset you gave them a green cup. They want the other toothbrush. Double this fun. Sometimes you have to let one cry. It’s so hard to watch one cry while you’re giving attention to the other in this time of need, but everyone has to keep their sanity somehow. Sometimes they cry because they just can’t verbalize well enough at this stage. Sometimes you have to listen to one while the other is crying. The world is going to go on. They’ll start to understand this at some point.

Get Ready for A Workout

One kid wants to be held. The other wants in your arms. You’re going to constantly be holding a 30-plus pound ball of energy. You’re going to get in a workout running to make sure both children are okay at all times. One might run down the sidewalk. One might try to run into the street. You run to pick both up at the same time.

Let Them Play

One of the best survival tips for twin toddlers is to let them run and play. Let them run enough so they wear each other out. Sometimes it’s great to have a playmate at all times. Let them dance and play. Set up some outdoor activities and a little play area if you can. Give them big cardboard boxes with crayons so they can have fun making art. Let them make pillow forts or an indoor camping area. They’re going to have a blast together with a few fights mixed in. Be ready to be a referee when needed, but usually just sit back and enjoy the fact they’re running wild and free together.

Get Ready for Tantrums

All toddlers have tantrums. The problem with twins is you may start to lose your mind as the twins are both losing theirs. You may want to reach for the wine by lunchtime. It’s hard to navigate double tantrums.

Figure out if you need to intervene. If you need to teach them a lesson during this tantrum like you cannot draw on the wall then scream about it, go ahead. Focus on each child independently. Be firm about the issues. If they’re screaming because you won’t give them a popsicle, don’t back down. They may provoke each other to see just how far they can get away with things. Keep an eye out for this. Overall, be patient as you navigate through their tantrums.

Embrace the Relationship

Twins have a neat relationship. It’s different than a sibling relationship. They have something many people cannot understand. They might not have their own language like some siblings, but they have a special relationship. They’re very protective over each other. They love to fight. They’re different, yet alike. Enjoy this relationship. Watch it unfold as they grow up together. Best of all, get double the hugs any time they’ll give them to you.

The parenting tips about how to survive raising twin toddlers aren’t the overall handbook for perfect kids. You learn as you go. Toddlers are a different world of crazy times. Embrace the fun and enjoy the love that comes with double the trouble.

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