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6 of The Best Overnight Diapers Available in The Market Today

Funny story, woke up to find our adorable Matt and Abby had pooped all the way to their back, lol! A poopsplosotion to be exact. You wonder how that much poop came from such small beings. Needless to say, our babies were quite amused judging from their giggles, oblivious to the work I had to do. Hmm, do I dip them in water or do I use a whole pack of wipes, decisions! This is where you’re not sure whether to laugh or to cry. To cut the story short, I ended up washing them as I did not see myself using a whole pack of wipes. Was it the diapers I bought? And don’t get me started on the diaper rush.

The reality is that you’ll go through 5,000 to 6,000 diapers before your baby is fully potty trained. Every day you’re bombarded with different brands of diapers. All claim to be the best, they know what is good for you baby. It can get quite exhausting finding that one brand that we’ll work for you. New mom, not new mom, we’ve all been there one time or the other. It doesn’t get easier. We’re always out there looking and trying what works best for our babies. Cheer up! We’ve got you covered. Below are some of the things to look out for in a diaper and a guide on what to buy next time you go shopping.

What to look for in a diaper.


Choose a size that is fitting to your child. It should be right below the belly button and the baby can move freely and comfortably. Always go up a size when you’re sure your child has outgrown the size they’re currently on. Ill-fitting diapers always lead to leaks and accidents.


Babies’ skins are so sensitive. So, once you buy the diapers, check your child’s response. Do they make the child itchy or uncomfortable? Sometimes the chemicals used to make the diapers can cause allergic reactions. Observe your child and watch out for any signs. The child will always show you if there’s something wrong.

Type of diapers.

Different parents prefer different types of diapers depending on convenience, cost or time. The cloth diapers, first of all, are super cute. They tend to be a bit pricey at the start, but the cost evens out eventually. Cloth diapers have different stuffings. From micro fiber, to unbleached cotton to flushables. As cute as they are, they do get wet sooner than the disposables. Disposable diapers on the other hand, save you time and more stress free. They’re more preferred because of their ease of use and disposal. But they’re also more expensive and some have chemicals that can irritate the baby’s skin. Bio –degradable diapers are also gaining lots of attentions due to their eco-friendliness and of course, even more costly.


Each brand comes with its own cost, some tend to be more expensive than others. Always budget according to your child’s potty habits. This way, you get to determine how many diapers you need and how much money you will need to spend.


Choose diapers that have the features you need, for example, a wetness indicator. A breathable outer cover for air circulation. Check the inner layer, is it soft or rough? Go for diapers that have contoured shapes as well. So even when the baby is moving, crawling, the diaper holds well and still prevents leaks. Double grip stripes enable the diaper to be well secured, especially, when the baby is moving. Also preferred are diapers designed for night time that you won’t have to change till morning. It all goes with what suites your baby best.

Diapers to consider

Hello bello diapers.

The Best Overnight Diapers

This brand is a plant-based diaper. Celebrity Kristen bell and his actor husband, Dax Shepard founded the company in 2019. They’re hypoallergenic, fragrance free, chlorine free and latex free. Sounds amazing, right? For the environment conscious parent, this is a brand to consider. Hellow bellow is available exclusively at Walmart at an affordable price. The number of diapers in a pack varies by size.

The larger the size, the fewer the diapers. Hello bellow sizes are from Newborns to size 6, that’s 35 pounds and over. Hellow bellow diapers are super soft, have a good stretch and is a comfortable fit. The absorbency is nothing short of magical, thanks to the harvested fluff pulp and the plant-based materials.

Their new designs are to die for, colourful with playful patterns. They also have a wetness indicator. FYI, the indicator is only found in the Newborn and size 2 diapers. Their prices are pretty competitive and can be delivered right to your door. and their bundle subscription box can transform into a fun play toy for your baby.

Huggies overnights.

The Best Overnight Diapers

You know how you put your baby to sleep then slowly tiptoe to your bed, hoping nothing wakes them up and they’ll actually sleep longer? Huggies overnights are quite the ideal diapers to help with that. Built with an extra super absorbent material with a leak lock system that locks in moisture for up to 12 hours. The double leak guard keeps the wetness away from your baby’s skin and lasts the entire night.

The snugfit waistband ensures your baby stays comfy and the double grip strips ensure a secure fit.  This brand is chlorine, fragrance and latex free and hypoallergenic. It’s wonderful for heavy wetters. It also has a wetness indicator to let you know when you’re due for a diaper change. It’s had some good reviews and most parents did agree that there were no leaks till morning. Huggies overnights come in sizes 3 (16-28 pounds), 4 (22-37 pounds), 5(27 plus pounds) and 6 (35 plus pounds).

Aldi little journey

The Best Overnight Diapers

This brand of diapers originated from Germany and sold in the US since 1976. Diapers can quite an expensive affair.  So, if you’re one of the parents looking for a more budget friendly brand of diapers, then look no further than Aldi’s.  Little journey diapers are soft, absorbent with stretchable waistbands and sides. They are perfume and latex free, comes with a hypoallergenic liner, and do offer a 12-hour wetness protection.

Aldi’s diapers are also infused with vitamin E and Aloe to help protect your baby’s skin.  They may not have premium features like extra absorbency or be eco-friendly, but for their price, they do hold up great.

Luvs diapers

The Best Overnight Diapers

Luvs is an economical, budget friendly brand. It’s designed with triple leakguards that absorb more weight. Chlorine and latex free and have a lovely smell. Luvs come in cute designs with large re-fastenable tabs for a secure fit and are absorbent enough. Wetness indicators are available in all sizes, they turn blue when wet.

Luvs come complete with a money back guarantee should you experience leaks. You only need to send in the receipt within 45 days. Please note this is only done once per person or household. They have sizes from Newborn to size 6 (35 pounds plus). Luvs diapers are readily found in Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon and CVS

The honest company overnight diapers

The Best Overnight Diapers

This is an eco-friendly, plant-based, non-toxic brand of diapers. It is hypoallergenic, chlorine, latex and fragrance free. Honest diapers are super stylish, extra absorbent and more durable.  Designed with a multi-layer technology that helps to lock away moisture. Comfy elastic waistband, stretchy side panels, refastening tabs and fitted leg cuffs.

All this to prevent leaks and blow outs. It doesn’t come with a wetness indicator, but their super thin diapers expand when wet so you’ll be able to know when a diaper change is due. It is more expensive but definitely worth the money. Honest diapers are readily available at your local stores, the likes of Walmart, Walgreens and you can order from Amazon as well.

Pampers baby dry

The Best Overnight Diapers

Most diaper brands have 2 absorbent layers, but Pampers baby dry has 3.  These channels help lock wetness away from baby’s skin and distributes the wetness more evenly. Which in turn keeps the baby drier. These diapers have breathable layers both inside and outside.  Cotton-like softness, flexible waistband and stretchy sides for great overnight protection.

This brand comes pre-lotioned with Aloe vera to maintain a healthy baby skin. It’s gentle and hypoallergenic and the magical gel inside provides up to 12 hours overnight dryness. Pampers baby dry comes in many sizes, from Newborn to extra extra large. It’s easy to wear and has a disposal tape. They’re available in all leading stores.


No diaper is perfect all the time, you may need to get one that works better during the day and another one for the night. Some are lucky to find that one brand that works great both ways. But the goal is to find one that works best for you and the baby. Whether you’re going for comfort, quality, safety, and convenience or perhaps what is readily available, easy to dispose and cost-effective. You’re sure to find one that will work for you in the list provided.

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